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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 15, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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can't i just have these? [ man #2 ] freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. go weis, go manpower, no manpower. the call for chicago's top cop to step down are getting louder. rank and file officers march outside police headquarters urging superintendent jody weis to resign. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's julian crews is live at police headquarters with more on the march. julian? >> reporter: good afternoon. the protest just ended a short
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while ago having lasted less than two hours. now mayor richard m. daley is on the record supporting his police superintendent, but the mayor's recent decision to step aside leaves jody weis in limbo with his contract set to expire in a growing number of people clamoring for his resignation. >> some people better rise up to the occasion and start talking to mayor daley and say, listen what we are doing is not working. >> this isn't good for us and not for the citizens of chicago. >> we need to begin the search now for the new superintendent. this superintendent's contract is up on february 1. we shouldn't be wasting time until the last moment. >> harsh word for a vulnerable jody weis. embattled police superintendent is hearing it from all sides from chicago aldermen urging him to resign and from rank and file patrolmen. the superintendent is away from headquarters today but across -- a cross section of police officers hope to send a forceful message that he will hear loud and clear.
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>> in my opinion we need to get back to the football as mike dit key would say, get back to the basics. fundamentals of policing. >> reporter: even chicago transit workers are here supporting police and a testing to the situation that they are seeing on the streets. a decline in safety that they say is apparent on the city's transit system. >> we don't see a transit cop when you are out working the streets. until after it's too late or something. >> reporter: now according to a spokesman, police superintendent jody weis was not in the building during the protest. he has been busy attending meetings away from 35 and michigan. but undoubtedly chicago's top cop feeling the heat. nevertheless, he has vowed not to resign. at police headquarters, julian crews, wgn news. some local police officers who were laid off because of the recession are finding new employment in schaumburg. that village started hiring
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officers who were released from other departments because they were lowest on their seniority lists. first of the new hires will be sworn in friday. for the past couple of years schaumburg didn't replace officers who retired or quit. and now its police force is down by 16 positions. the new hiring will fill some of those jobs. chicago police are looking for leads in fatal shooting of a south side teenager. witnesses say the 14-year-old was shot in the head as he stood with friends last night. wgn's nancy loo is live in the woodlawn neighborhood with more on this story for us. >> reporter: well, another week, another cps student shot and killed after school. the latest, an eighth grader at emmitt till math and science academy. for the second straight week the district's grief counselors are at work again. >> they one step at a time. loretta lincoln says he has been numb since hearing her oldest child was shot.
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14-year-old christopher travis died last night soon after he was shot in the head in a drive- by. he had just started the eighth grade last week. >> chris was quiet boy. he was a good student. good person and wasn't in no gang. >> chris travis was shot while hanging out with two friends near 65 and drexel where someone opened fire from a light colored older model car. a 12 and 19-year-old were also shot but they are now recovering. some suspect the shootings may be linked to an earlier argument at the school. while police investigate, activist andrew holmes is hoping the community will turn the suspects in. similar efforts last week led to swift arrests in the murder of deantonio goss. the bowen high school sophomore was the first cps student killed in the new school year. >> i'm asking this community to do the same. turn the information over to chicago police department who will make an arrest. they have gave up nothing but street names over here. for now the latest mother
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to grieve has painful work to do. >> i plan on going to the morgue to identify my son because i never got a chance to view the body at the hospital yesterday. >> chris travis was the oldest of 7 children, several of his siblings also go to school here at emmitt till. but they are so distraught it may be awhile before they come back. we are live in the woodlawn neighborhood, nancy loo, wgn news. a middle school in evanston is closed for a second straight day after a decapitated body and explosives were found nearby. a man walking his dog discovered the headless body of colin delboro in a park near nichols middle school early yesterday morning. police say he was killed by a pipe bomb. cook county bomb squad techs detonated a second pipe bomb found near the body. dale breaux moved from evanston from madison, wisconsin. police and fbi removed computers from his apartment a few blocks from the scene. chicago police are using blue light camera foot toj find
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the attackers who beat a whitney young student on his way home from school. 16-year-old thomas insley was jumped monday evening near the 1500 block of west june way terrace. thomas takes that way home because of the police camera perched over the neighborhood. his father says despite the camera, a group of teenagers beat and choked thomas until he was unconscious and then they robbed him. thomas suffered a broken nose and some loose teeth and he is now home from the hospital and recovering. a new trier high school student who was almost killed in a hit-and-run accident is back in school and doing well. 16-year-old sarah goon needed two brain surgeries after she was hit by a car near school in may. last month school mate erin hughes was sentenced to probation for leaving the scene of a crash. goon is now a junior at new trier. her family says sarah is still in the honors classes that she signed up for before the crash. she is also working in the school play and active with her
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youth group. attorney general lisa madigan's office will decide if the owner of a damaged oil pipeline violated any laws. enbridge temporarily shut down three mile section of its pipeline. more than 400 people are working round the clock to repair it. storm systems vary about how much oil was lost but it has sent gasoline prices soaring in chicago and in the mid west. the illinois epa has asked madigan's office to pursue law enforcement action against enbridge. enbridge officials are testifying before a house panel in washington today about another pipeline spill in july up to a million gallons of oil spilled into the kalamazoo river near marshall michigan in late july. committee members have questions about the leak detection spill response and damage claims process. enbridge says it detected and reported the marshall 13eu8 on july 26 but law enforcement
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agencies got 911 calls complaining of gas smells in the area the previous night. another politician says he wants mayor daley's job. state senator ricky henden has announced he is running for mayor of chicago. the former alerman says one of the first things he would do in office is re-open the migs field. 2 would be part of his plan to bring more business to the city. mayor daley was criticized for shutting down the lakefront airport without warning back in 2003. henden says he also supports bringing a river boat casino to chicago. the cta says it will eliminate more than 70 jobs next year in an effort to cut cost. cta president richard rodriquez's staff cuts will focus on management and office positions. drivers train operators and mechanics will not be affected. cta proposed 2011 budget calls for more than $50 million in savings. some of it will come from spending cuts, limiting overtime pay. hiring delays and freezing wages for nonunion officials. rodriquez says goal is to avoid
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service cuts and fare hikes but it's too early in the budget process to rule those out. taking on the grand ol' party. next, the tea party adds to their list of primary win was stunning defeat in delaware. also ahead, the renews push in congress to give those sickened by the 9-11 attacks financial assistance. how to get your resume' noticed for the right reasons. we are checking out the resume' blunders you want to avoid. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis? i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring,
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hurry, now's the time, and this event won't last. call... before this limited-time offer ends. tuesday's primary elections brought surprising results with candidates backed by the tea party playing prominent roles
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in several contests. in delaware, tea party candidate christine o'donnell won a stunning upset over mike castle in the republican u.s. senate primary. o'donnell says she hopes republicans in delaware will unite behind her but if not she says it's possible to win in november without them. there is no official winner yet in the republican senate primary in new hampshire. former attorney general kelly -- has a slight lead over lamountain with results tally from 85% of the precincts. he was backed by establishment republicans and former alaska governor sarah palin. lamountain campaigned with the support of the tea party. in wisconsin, businessman ron johnson wins the republican senate primary by a landslide. he will challenge democratic incumbent russ feingold. the latest poll by rasmanson report gives johnson a slim 1% lead over feingold. he may be in the hot seat
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over ethics questions but it did not hurt new york congressman charlie rangel at the voting booth. rangel defeated five primary challengers and is all guaranteed of re-election in november in his heavily democratic district. rangel faces 13 charges including failing to report and pay taxes on rental income from a beach villa in the dominican republic. president obama and some other democrats have urged him to step aside because of those ethics allegations. tea party candidate carl paldeno won the republican primary for governor of new york. in his victory speech, paldeno wanted all republicans 40 opposed him to know they are welcome to join what he called the people's crusade. paldeno defeated former new york congressman rick lazio for the right to face democrat andrew cuomo in the november election. a bill to provide more than $7 billion in health care and other aid to people sickened by the world trade center dust is getting a renewed push on capitol hill. dozens of first responders and
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survivors of the september 11th attacks will gather in washington today to urge lawmakers to vote for the bill. it would provide free health care and compensation to the 9- 11 workers who got sick after working at the site of the world trade center. a vote on that bill is expected next week. the bill failed to win enough votes back in july. israeli forces reportedly killed one person in the gaza strip and injured four others today as leaders hold peace talks in jerusalem. the israeli air strike appear to be in retaliation after palestinian militants fired eight mortars and a rocket into israel earlier today. the violence comes as israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president met with secretary of state hillary clinton. gaza militants have threatened to derail the peace talks with violin attacks. france is one step closer to raising its retirement age. earlier today the lower house of parliament paled a reform plan which includes raising the retirement age from 60 to 62
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years old. the bill will now move on to the senate. it puts france on track to become the latest european union country to require workers to stay on the job longer and that is because of a deficit plagued pension system. french lawmakers have now banned the burka. that is the veil worn in public places by islamic women. the senate overwhelmingly approved the ban yesterday. now if a woman is caught covering her face she could be fined close to $200. if someone forces a woman to wear a veil, they could be jailed and fined close to $40,000. the french government says the veils violate gender equality. critics say this impedes free religion. police in it holland pulled an american pilot off a plane he was about to fly because they say he was drunk. dutch police say they acted on a tip when they arrested the delta pilot in the cockpit yesterday. he was about to fly a passenger jet from amsterdam to newark,
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new jersey. breath test showed a pilot had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. pilot is a 52-year-old captain from woodbury, new jersey. he was fined $900. if you think flying in an airplane is already uncomfortable. check this out. this is called a sky rider seat. it resembles a sadzle except you are sitting almost straight up. i wish they had a person to show. the space between each dpsh. >> there is your person. you get your person. >> that's what i love about this place. the space between each row of seat is only 23-inches and italian company came up with this idea so airlines can trim leg room and stuff more passengers on their planes. now the faa has not approved this new seat. don't worry. and one analyst says regulations would keep it from coming to america. >> let's hope we never see those. we are kind of tall. >> wouldn't work for us. coming up next, the new
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look coming to twitter. >> plus, there are mistakes that can sink a resume'. a look at the blunders to avoid when job hunting. and synonymous from home cooked from the heart meals. the chef is here making a great meal for the whole family. i can't wait.
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that blown out well in the gulf of mexico is expected to be permanently sealed by sunday. officials say as of sunday, the well will be declared dead. a relief well is expected to intersect with the blown out well within the next 24 hours. mud and cement will then be pumped in and should seal the well within four days. this comes nearly five months after the oil rig explosion
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that killed 11 workers and sent 206 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. the california attorney general has filed a civil lawsuit against eight former and current leaders. the town of belle, california. the lawsuit accuses them of fraud, conspiracy and wasting taxpayer's money. the "l.a. times" revealed months ago that the leaders of belle had salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars and were some the highest paid officials in the country. even though one in six of the town's residents lives in poverty. the lawsuit calls on the former and current leaders to return hundreds of thousands of dollars. i'm bloomberg's angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. stocks under pressure after manufacturing in the new york region slipped three points to 4.1%. that number signals expansion, economists had expected bigger gains. we also saw a slowdown today in the growth of industrial production in many companies are not looking to increase
12:21 pm
output from their factories on concern consumers are cutting back on spending because of the lack of jobs. meanwhile, when it comes to the housing market, home owners in chicago are slashing prices trying to sell. accord-- 33% of chicago home owners are cutting the selling prices of their home by an average of 9%. that translates to a loss of more than $232 million in value. meanwhile, what we are learning more about that iowa farm that recalled eggs linked to a salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 1500 people, documents obtained by congress showed that wright county egg farm was contaminated with traces of the bacteria for at least two years. and over in tech, twitter getting a face lift. expect to see a new two column design which can showcase materials with youtube where the picture sharing site flicker. the changes are designed to make it easier for users to
12:22 pm
post pictures, videos and maps directly on their page. all right, right now on wall street, stocks fluctuating today but right now in the green. gainess in tech and health care companies helping the market recover from earlier slump triggered by the disappointing reports of manufacturing and production. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. now back to you. these days people are going to great lengths to get a job. sometimes those risks can backfire. karen takes a look at top resume' blunders employers pet peeves and how to avoid making mistakes in your job search. >> reporter: with the unemployment rate near 10%, companies are bombarded with resume's each time they post a position. job search site career builder recently surveyed more than 2500 hiring experts about how they review those applications. 38% said they spend less than a minute reviewing a resume'. 18% less than 30 seconds. >> we found that employers are
12:23 pm
getting hundreds of resume's and are whittling it down to less than 25 that they will go through and make tadecision who should come in for the next interview and who should eventually get the job. numbers like those can leave job huntsers looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. some attempts miss the mark. employers survey cited examples like a candidate who topped her resume' with a picture of her cat. another who sent a 24 page resume' covering achievements of a career spanning all of five years and another who informed the hiring manager i will have your job in five years. the serious advice from these humorous anecdotes, don't get too personal and don't be too confident. >> you want to make sure that whatever you are doing to sell yourself into put yourself ahead of the competition, you doing it in a professional way. for best results, eight in ten employers surveyed customizing an application with information specific to a job posting gets their attention first. keep it professional. no cute e-mail addresses and no
12:24 pm
emodecons. and make it easety read with bullet points highlighting your best skills. in washington, wgn news. don't put a picture of your cat on your resume'. no smily faces. if you are caught speeding just how much more it will cost you starting today. from delivering her mail to delivering her a kidney, the life saving donation that a mail carrier is giving to someone who used to be on her route. úq [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live.
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[ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more.
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a little earlier we told you that the republican senate primary in new hampshire was still up in the air. just homes ago former attorney general kelly aya was certified as winner over tea party
12:27 pm
candidate. a recount is possible. he was backed by establishment republicans and by former alaska governor sarah palin. on the medical watch, health experts are urging pregnant women to get flu shots this year. this urgency is brought on by last year's swine flu outbreak. the flu is a risk for the mother and the baby. unlike last year, this year's flu shots are only one dose vaccinations. experts say the one dose vaccination will protect against swine flu and two other flu types. a mail carrier is giving the gift of life to a stranger. jane suffers from kidney failure and has been waiting 12 years for a donor. her former mail carrier articlian hoffmann learns of her story years ago. last spring she bumped into her at wal-mart and found out she still needed a transplant. that's when hoffmann stepped up
12:28 pm
and offered her a kidney. hoffmann will become part of a paired exchange program where doctors will swap four donated kidneys with four patients in need of a match. doesn't think it's any big deal to give her kidney. and i guess if you in my position it's definitely an angel coming down and giving you a special gift. >> i can't put it in words. she needs it. a good person. she deserves more than what she has been dealt. hoffmann will make good on her promise at northwestern memorial hospital tomorrow. i guess they are local. tom skilling next with a full forecast and later how one county is going after alleged gang members through the courts. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped
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71 years ago. >> everything. >> all over you. >> i skip the makeup application class when they told me it wasn't to go on my suit. >> get you ready now. >> i'm sorry about that. >> it's mostly rain today? >> tonight. and tomorrow. there is a little weather system coming in and the weekend is looking a little dicier than we thought. you know, we are getting close to this temperature demarcation line. really cool air through the northern tier of states. we will be on the south side of that and that in contrast with hot and humid air over the southern united states sets up an 80 degree north to south u.s. temperature differential. when you do that all weather is driven by temperature variances. the jet stream forms and
12:32 pm
impulses form among it and all of the moisture it has. you can get to some storms to develop. did you see those clouds coming in right now? they are the vanguard of an approaching con pct little storm that will fly across the area tonight and tomorrow with gusty winds already showing up in glenview, de kalb, lake geneva and geneva in the fox valley. and you see our flags here at wgn as the clouds take over the skies. blowing out in front right here. here is a view from joliet. we showed you that a tad earlier. kind of a thighs day in joliet. temperatures are pleasant. it's 70. hard to believe that 71 years ago back in 1939 we were in the midst of a late season heat wave that had us flirting with 100 degrees for three days. those president good ol' days. back when you had heat late in the season. we haven't had 100-degree temperatures since 2005 around here. 71 at midway. southeast winds are blowing with gusto. they are up to 18 at times and 74 at hebron, indiana.
12:33 pm
73 at this hour and joliet and there is another view from the south suburbs this time. sauk village. well, here is the set up. very cool air over the northern part of the country. there were frost conditions last night in northern wisconsin, upper michigan and hot and humid down south. so between the two air masses we have thunderstorm clusters developing. and they have been heavy rain producers in certain areas as you can see right there. when we say clusters we mean it. these things nail one area and another area nearby doesn't get much at all. at the moment we have high clouds blowing off the storm clusters to the west and that's clouding us over. these will thicken up and expect the clouds to thicken up and rains commence tonight. we will time those in a moment. here are the temperatures flirting with 70 across the metro crair and it's hot south of us. 81 at st. louis. that's warm. but 90 in nashville is downright hot as in 90 in jacksonville, mississippi and 88 in dallas and that air is
12:34 pm
human and look how cool it is in the canadian border and north and autumn taking over there and temperatures in the 20s at this hour in northern canada. the shorter days taking their toll on temperatures and giving rise to the cooling there which starts setting up more and more powerful jet streams and that's united states weather of autumn and winter turns more active faster steering winds and forces in the atmosphere to get storms going. 70 in chicago, 61 up the lake at green bay and rhinelander at 49. it's 47 in duluth. many areas registering a temperature drop over the last 24 hours with east winds blowing here at 13. humidity 49% and water at 68 degrees. and the pollen numbers are down. mold spores a moderate ragweed and weed. loyola gottlieb hospital and dr. joseph lea and his staff. here is what we were talking about. powerful jet stream.
12:35 pm
look that the batch of winds right there. that white area, that's strong band of winds. when the winds strengthen like that, that's a sign that temperature differentials increasing because cold air is coming south. what it does is this fast west to east flow takes the core of the cool air and ultimately ships it off to the east putting us right here on the class zone between this humid air down to the south and cool air up to the north. so that being the case into the weekend means we see a couple more impulses that might produce rain saturday and one of models say sunday may have a period of rain the whole weekend. here wrist it is raining now and with gusto in the upper mid west. we have big thunderstorms from wisconsin's fox valley north into the north woods in places and other big thunderstorms in parts of missouri and kansas. this area will fill in and we could get in to a third to .9 of an inch of rain tonight and tomorrow combined from this little system. amounts will vary and that's the range we are seeing off the models.
12:36 pm
so it's a respect blg rain so nothing like that gargantuan rainstorm we had in july. this afternoon increasing cloudiness, breezy, cooler. 60s at the lake. east, southeast winds blow to 23. tonight, periods of showers and thunderstorms develop and a couple of those could have downpours. we will show you a model depiction of when they arrive and how widespread they will be on the update later in this broadcast. 63 tonight and 67 tomorrow. a cloudy, blustery cool day and showers at times. northwest winds will blow 12 to 24 and the rain will be easing as the day goes on. and beautiful day to end the week on friday. sunshine and bring that sun out. little warmer. get up to 76 and turn the winds to the south, southwest to boot and that also helps to warm us up. and that's the weather picture. we will come back with more on the weekend on the update later on, too. >> we had a good week. >> great period. see you later. time out for trivia. here is our trivia question today. who was the first u.s.
12:37 pm
president to throe out the opening ball at a baseball -- of a baseball season? was it william taft? woodrow wilson or calvin coolidge? the answer still ahead for you on your wgn midday news. 0÷ p@e
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
time for sports' all important series on the south side did not start according to plan. sox had a great opportunity to take the lead in the seventh with the bases loaded and one out. stinstad strikeouts from paul konerko and manny ramirez ended the inning. twins broke the game open in the eighth. alex rios turned a short catch into a bases clearing double for the yard span. sox division title hopes are slipping further away. twins take game one of the series and now lead the division by 7 games. the cubs continue to get strong efforts from their starting pitchers last night in
12:40 pm
st. louis. randy wells pitched eight solid innings allowing one run and had been traded at the plate with two hits and two rbis. xavier nady had the big night offensively driving in three runs and three hits. cubs win 7-2. boosting their record to 13-7 since mike took over as manager. bear's line backer hunter hillenmeyer is out for the season. he became sick during sunday's game a few weeks after suffering a concussion the second of his career. the bears have put him on injured reserve. this is ironic because hunter hillenmeyer who is a guy who openly advocates player safety and agreed to donate his brain and spinal court tissue for research on head injuries. the bears need to find a replacement and now have no backup to brian urlacher. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. brap
12:41 pm
brian urlacher (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis?
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i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring, your uc may not be under control. take the uc control quiz at and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments.
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police are investigating a rash of unauthorized withdrawals from resident's bank accounts. they have received 40 reports so far. the withdrawals are being processed through various atms in california. police believe the culprits are likely using phony cards with stolen accounts and pin numbers. police are urging people to check their bank accounts often. kane county's prosecutor taking an unusual step in the fight against gang crime. he is taking gang members to court. wgn's robert jordan is live in st. charls now with the story. you know, officials in dupage county are effective in fighting gangs using something called the illinois strategic
12:45 pm
terrorism omni bus prevention act to sue gang members saying they terrorize communities with repeat acts of violence. now officials here in kane county want to do the same thing using the same law so they already begun knocking on the doors of gang members serving them with papers saying they are being sued. they have identified these guys and are telling them to show up in court. they say they have already collected a wall full of photos over bad guys. >> gang crime and gangs are scourge on every community. they have a negative impact on every neighborhood. >> authorities in kane county specifically elgin, illinois, are using the courts to fight street gangs. the state's attorney has begun serving 166 identified street gang members of the latin kings warning them that they can no longer associate with each other. and hopefully it is thought keep them from antisocial activities in if there is a method we could utilize to make the policeman's job easier or
12:46 pm
the city's job easier and this gives us another method of attack to control street crime through gangs and to control the safety of the community, i don't see a reason not do-to-do that. once the gang members are served, they will be on notice that violating any provisions of the suit can get them arrested. >> this is a perfect tool to control the congregation of gang members and the criminal behavior of gang members. so if we don't charge them with a criminal offense, we can see them in civil court and they will have to face the wrath of the judge for contempt. >> reporter: and while this is not a full proof way to fight gang activity, it does give law enforcement another arrow in the quiver to break up the gang. >> in elgin we are taking a very strong stance on crime specifically on gang crime and every elgin officer knows to go out and look for gang members. when they see them committing any type of crime we will aggressively enforce that crime
12:47 pm
to the fullest ek tent we can. >> reporter: and so what happens if the gang members once they are served with the papers don't appear in court? then they will find themselves in contempt of court and that means they will be facing more serious charges once they are picked up by authorities. in the kane county courthouse, robert jordan, wgn news. today is the day illinois drivers have to start paying more for speeding tickets. driving up to 20 miles per hour over the limit will now cost you $120. that's up from the previous fine of 7 a. if you are caught speeding between 21 and 30 miles per hour over the limit, the fine is now $140. that's up from $95. the new rates apply only to offenses that do not require a court appearance. lunch break is next. how great a chef do you have to have a day in your honor. as great as art smith and we are happy to have him grilling
12:48 pm
with us today. [ dog barks ] barnaby! well, i'll be. where you been, boy? ♪ [ male announcer ] it's movie time. with a wii twist. where have you been? [ male announcer ] netflix now delivers unlimited movies instantly through wii. plus dvds by mail. all for only 9 bucks a month.
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12:50 pm
art smith is here and this is a very busy money for him because he is having a special honor bestowed on him and his annual common threads cookout is taking place. exactly. it's going to be september 23 and it's going to be this wonderful cookout at fulton on the river there. amazing event. it's very much like our world festival but more cash and fun and all barbecue so we are
12:51 pm
excited and it goes for a great cause for the kids program we have here in chicago and you come and have a great time and come to help kids. what we have here, chicago, what is it about chicago and beef. we have wonderful tender loin we just grilled. this is local chicago, allen brothers beef which we love and stirred with wonderful fresh salad greens and then we have these amazing fresh vegetables right from the farm nearby. so i'm running the chicago marathon. >> i didn't know that. >> i am. >> have you ever done that before? >> i don't care. i'm running the second one, marine corps in d.c. >> good for you. >> you sound committed. >> i'm excited. and then of course we are leaving tomorrow to make fried chick within mayor daley in shanghai. which i'm excited about. that will be fun. >> this beef is to die for. >> we just take our salad and
12:52 pm
we will just take it and we will put it on top of our grains which -- and these are all locally grown. we are all about local. then have i these really nice vegetables which we grilled and i will add this to that. and carrots. >> what a lovely healthy dish. >> well, it's so important. and as i said, the other day we were with dr. oz, just him, if america would focus on losing 10 pounds it would change their life. i weighed 325-pounds a year ago and i lost 100 pounds and i -- thank you. you can have really delicious food but you can also enjoy it and feel good about everything. we worry about everything else. if you don't have your health -- >> you have nothing. >> we will add a little pepper. you want to bring the feta cheese. a little feta cheese. >> i will be of some help. and we will just add a little
12:53 pm
feta cheese. >> you lost all taweight in a year. >> i sure did. >> you know whatium you should run the marathon. >> i think -- >> obviously you have been training and didn't the running help? >> most definitely. when you have a gorgeous lake like lake michigan and everyone will go, chef! cleft! it's great to be there. >> good for you. and just remember you can have delicious helpful food. and this weather, this is the time you should be barbecuing. let me go over these details. chef's hall of fame inductee dinner is going to be on september 30th. that's a thursday. the reception starts at 5:30. at mid-america club. got the ticket info on our website. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> and then again the annual common thread world cookout returns for another successful year on thursday september 23.
12:54 pm
that's at fultons on the river at 315 north la salle from 6:30 until 9:30. so, chef, i will go ahead if you don't mine i will take this plate into my coanchor steve one for you because everyone likes to share their food and you better go there and share or you will have a downright little war at the news table. i will help you. >> you will go with me? >> exactly. >> steve, we were on our way in.
12:55 pm
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before this limited-time offer ends. you are the luckiest anchor man. >> i have a new best friend forever. art smith. >> art smith brings steve a plate of food. how is that? >> love to get him back out
12:57 pm
here. >> gorgeous. >> nice man. >> he is nice. >> here is our trivia. >> and a marathoner. >> he will run. he dropped all that weight. >> inspiration. >> all right, all right. i have to do the answer to our trivia question. who was the first u.s. president who threw out the opening ball of the baseball season? william taft? woodrow wilson or calvin coolidge? the answer is william taft in 1910. >> wow! >> taft was born on this day in 181457. >> -- 1857. >> very nice. >> noticed out there as you are barbecuing that clouds are starting to -- it's nice. >> it's gorgeous out there. comfortable. low humidity. winds are blowing in from the southeast with gusto. but we have rains out to the north and west of us. look at that clus there are in missouri and kansas. these are eastbound. want to show you our model forecast. hoar is what happens. that's 5:00 this evening. we were clouding over. that's 10:00 tonight. the rains are spreading through
12:58 pm
central illinois and arrive here by 1:30 in the morning according to our in-house model and imbedded maybe a few thunderstorms. that's 6:00 tomorrow and then backwash clouds coming diewr date tomorrow. slight risk of severe weather over a good part of the mid west and here is a plot from the rpm model of rainfall expected to come down across the area. again, about a third of an inch to as much as .9 of an inch may come down. the other big story is not only this little storm that is whipping across the center of the country. it will leave us with showers lingering tomorrow. but a gorgeous end of the week on friday and then by friday night late and saturday we could see some more showers and storms. the other big story the tropical storm karl which had 56-mile-per-hour winds is weakening over the yucatan peninsula and there is eigor, a monster storm. karl will weaken over the yucatan, strengthen over the gulf and slam into mexico as you can see right there and igor could be a real problem
12:59 pm
for bermuda which it seems to have in the crosshairs. this is a ten day animation. see that cold lobe that comes down over, u-- over the weekend? it will be chilly in the upper mid west and it sets up a demarcation line there, thermal con drs line along little rain systems may move and then surge back into warm air by tuesday. here and then backs off again wednesday and then later next week we have more warm air in here. a very wet pattern. in fact, some of the models kicking out up to four inches of rain in the next few weeks around here. 37 today, 77 friday. beautiful day friday, saturday and sunday in the 70s. cooler at lake because the winds off the lake all weekend. then back up to 85 by tuesday. nothing like september in chicago. >> it can be beautiful. >> thank you for joining us and thank you, chef art smith. >> check to see if he has a bottle of cabernet throughout? >> we are back at 5:00 and 9:00.


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